Mortgage Rates in SC hit 1.99%* for 15 year


Mortgage rates in SC have hit 1.99%* for 15 year mortgage loans for purchase financing and for REFI loans as per 6/10/21 rates through RateSaver Mortgage ( with good credit (740+ scores).  The 15 year fixed 1.99% Conventional mortgage rate can be achieved today with LESS than the typical 1% Section A Lender Fees (Origination, […]

Upstate SC Housing Market more in Balance

The Upstate SC Housing Market seems to be moving more to a balance between the sellers and buyers this June 2021.  The early part of 2021 had a very lopsided market for real estate in the Upstate. Basically, the housing market was clearly a “Seller Market” in most areas of the Upstate.  It was common to […]

Today’s Anderson SC Home Purchase Market and Rates.


Today’s Anderson SC Home Purchase Market and Rates update for May 5th, 2021. When examining the Anderson SC market for homes at $250,000. or less, available for sale, has 272 single-family homes listed for sale (land or lots for sale were excluded).  If I exclude mobile homes, that number is 251 homes in Anderson […]